What To Expect In a Session:


It all starts with a conversation to establish goals and discuss what you would like to achieve within each session. We can work with anything from chronic pain issues, emotional/energetic imbalances, feeling the need to make changes in your life but not sure where to begin, holistic lifestyle education and even tapping into MORE in life. We then move into "table time" which is time on the table doing balancing for your electrical biofield to unblock "stuck" areas, address painful places and help connect you deeper into your body. This is then followed by assigning "homework" or home practices that you can incorporate into daily life to move you further into vibrancy, balance and bliss. Below is a list of some of the modalities that can be incorporated into "table time".

Biofield Balancing services:

What is the human biofield? The biofield simply put is our bodies electrical field or the basis of our nervous system. It forms the patterns of our heart (ECG) and our brain (EEG). We are literally like a magnet with positive and negative charges that run electrically up the spine and throughout the body into every cell. When this system is out of balance dissonance can be felt in many forms including physical and emotional. Things such as a toxic diet, infections, stress, emotional trauma, negative thought patterns and poor organ health can create these blockages or interference within the biofield. I like to address this layer when dealing with all aspects of our health because it connects directly to the deeper physical layers in the body. 

 If the biofield is out of balance all the other systems of the body may be as well. 

Some of the modalities/therapies I use are chakra balancing, accupressure to help with meridian health, tuning forks (to balance our positive and negative polarities), cranio sacral techniques (to balance the rhythms of the body), Quantum Touch technique, and quantum brain balancing (a gentle technique to help calm an overactive brain and balance the different lobes of the brain), Body/Emotion Code (I'm an enthusiast of this modality and utilize different aspects for emotional balancing, calming allergies and food intolerance, organ/systems health and much more!)

Education and Detoxification services:

Holistic/Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting: Helps look at the routine(daily practices) of your life and start to incorporate new things to create a more natural, holistic lifestyle. Drawing from the philosophy of Ayruveda, we can look at your dosha (or unique constitution) of Vata (air and movement), Pitta (fire and metabolism), Kapha (earth and connections in the body) to address physical/emotional/energetic imbalances of the body. Also educates in aspects of holistic or natural living.

Oil Drop Massage Technique: Uses nine different therapeutic grade essential oils, that are dropped directly onto the spine: the focus of this therapy is balancing all systems of the body individually (nervous, muscles, lymph, spine, circulation, electrical) to promote a sense of overall homeostasis

Spinal Detox Massage: Uses four different therapeutic grade oils with a main action of balancing the immune system that are dropped directly onto the spine: the primary focus of this therapy is to help mildly detox the body and boost the immune system function.​

Body Balancing services:

Bodywork/Massage: Various pressure used throughout, is focused in an area that is creating a pain pattern or an area of blockage, not an all over massage therapy experience, but instead goes right to problem areas, very relieving and relaxing-truly a unique experience.

Reflexology: (can also do vita flex technique with essential oils applied to the feet) Reflexology is a therapeutic method that stimulates pressure points on the feet and hands. This controlled pressure alleviates the source of discomfort, stress, and imbalance in the body. These pressure points connect directly through the nervous system and affect the bodily organs and glands and can be used to help assess any area of imbalance that may need attention

Lymphatic Massage: Uses light pumping strokes to assist in moving stagnant lymph and increase circulation. Very gentle session done without the use of oil, can be done mostly clothes or drape. 

Abhyanga (warm oil massage): Tailored to your unique dosha or body constitution, uses an abundance of warmed oil and energy balance strokes to the body-relaxing, invigorating and very oily! This session is designed as an hour massage.

Facial Toning massage (with essential oils and marma therapy): A series of gentle strokes and pressure points on the face and neck to increase circulation and relax and tone facial muscles. Another benefit to this service is balancing the body energetically Great for relieving TMJ and relaxing