Who is Tracie Graves?

Tracie Graves is a multi-faceted therapist dedicated to helping others on their path to growth in all areas in their lives. I am licensed as a Spiritual Health Coach, a Licensed Massage Therapist, an Ayurvedic/Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, and a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist. My education is extensive because learning is my passion! I have many modalities that I use in each session including QXCI quantum biofeedback, various massage techniques, energy/biofield balancing,  holistic coaching, and holistic lifestyle education. Another creative offering I offer is hand made quantum healing jewelry and custom essential oil products for a more natural way of life.

Whether you are in need of stress relief, nutritional balancing, detoxification practices, or finding out what new gifts lie inside, I am here to be a guide and lend a helping hand. Together we can work to discover and unwind unwanted patterns to help you achieve an increased sense of well being and vibrancy

My journey as a body worker and therapist began over 16 years ago when I experienced an intense but enlightening opening of my own energy field. Since then, I have dedicated myself to balancing and understanding how the body, mind and spirit work together to create more vitality. I teach others through my own personal experience and education and It is from this place that all of my sessions are structured. My goal is to help my clients connect deeper to their own innate healing capabilities and learn to apply lifestyle techniques to remove blocks and bring in whole body balancing for more vitality and vibrant health! 
I have a true dedication to growth, knowledge and contribution to others
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